The Fellowship of John 17:21

It is our desire for leaders and members of the Body of Christ to simply spend a period of time immersed in our Lord’s prayer, praying the prayer, making His prayer our own, trusting that the Holy Spirit will bring us to new levels of understanding and corresponding actions that will break the shackles of sectarianism and release the people of God to more fully share His life with a needy world just waiting to see evidence worth believing.

Please let us join with you here in the fellowship of the Spirit who is in us believers all, as we follow His leading to learn how we can work together for Christian unity.

We seek cooperative projects and offer teaching materials for Christian unity such as the book, Jesus’ Prayer From A to Z, which helps us all to explore the heart’s desire of our Saviour through His prayer, filtered through the minds and hearts of twenty-six Christian leaders who have made Jesus their Lord.

Thomas Mackey Book Focused on Unity in Christ in Scriptures

40 Days of Praying Jesus’ Prayer

Edited by Thomas Mackey

2009 was the 200th Anniversary of Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Address, hailed by church historians as the Magna Carta of the 19th Century Reformation or Restoration Movement, calling for unity in Christ based upon a return to the scriptures. Even now, Christ is still calling his body to unity.