The Fellowship of John 17:21

40 Days of Praying Jesus’ Prayer

Edited by Thomas Mackey

2009 was the 200th Anniversary of Thomas Campbell's Declaration and Address, hailed by church historians as the Magna Carta of the 19th Century Reformation or Restoration Movement, calling for unity in Christ based upon a return to the scriptures.

Continuing in that Spirit, we know God always calls us believers into greater unity in Christ by strengthening and growing His Spirit in our hearts as we continue to feed on the word of God in the scriptures. “Jesus answered, "It is written: ’Man does not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.’" (Mt 4:4 NivUS)

What better way to make our lives a continual celebration in the word following this 200th Anniversary than to spend 40 days immersed in the prayer of Jesus in John 17 that inspired Campbell's passion for the unity of believers! That's why 40 Days of Praying Jesus' Prayer was brought together, with 45 Christian leaders from 11 countries around the world, opening their hearts concerning Jesus' prayer.

Dr. Knofel Staton's readable paraphrase of Campbell's opus has been abridged to 16 pages as an addendum to 40 Days of Praying Jesus' Prayer , a 40 day prayer journey around the world that will help you, your family, your class, group or the whole church make Jesus' prayer your own. Now you can be a part of HIStory!

Investing in 40 Days of Praying Jesus' Prayer can pay major dividends at every level of our life in Christ - personal spiritual enrichment, marital/family harmony, congregational peace and unity, joint Christian community action, and getting the big picture in missions.

Be part of the answer to Jesus' prayer revealed in Revelation 7:9, 10! Order yours today!

One copy - $15, postpaid; Two copies - $25, postpaid; Three or more - $10 each.